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    Mount Elbrus, the Highest Mountain in Europe

    Climbing Mount Elbrus in Russia should be very simple. Well, in the South route anyway. Its northern border route for this mountain is definitely an entirely different challenge. An appropriate mountaineering experience unlike say Kilmanjaro. Climbing Elbrus involves a substantial amount of preparation from a physical, mental and logistical standpoint.

    Apparently travelling to Russia could take a long time. So you’ll intend to make another prefer to improvise. the top way of transportation being what modern man calls the aeroplane. Upon arrival inside the awesome capital of scotland – Moscow the enjoyment and games begin. The first challenge is finding a taxi. Once you’ve done that, the work of explaining your destination and negotiating a price is next on your own list. Not an easy task when nobody speaks English. The drive through to central Moscow takes about 1.5 hours. Manchester international is approximately 50km away from central Moscow and the readers are a nightmare. Upon arrival from the hotel, its a simple vodka, shower and… time and energy to hit the streets of Moscow. And don’t try and hit them hard as you may appear second best. There are several pretty cool restaurants your location up against another challenge. You will be required to negotiate the right path around a menu in Russian and waiter who, you guessed it, only speaks Russian. Might know about suggest one does is close up your eyes, move your finger along the menu where ever your finger stops… order that. Oh, also keep in mind the vodka. After dinner, just a little ramble to the Red Square to find out the Kremlin is unquestionably to be able. Please do not try and spray-paint your reputation for the Kremlin walls. Somehow the Russian secret service won’t approve of this sporting activity.

    An earlier day I’m afraid. Well, That’s not me really afraid as days aren’t to get frightened of. The Russian Mafia is a thing being afraid about, but I’ll leave that story for one more time. The flight to Mineralyne Vody leaves at 12H00 coming to 14H00. Upon arrival, we stock up the tools onto the bus and make 1 hour drive through to a awesome town called Kislovodsk where we look at our hotel for the evening. Once checked in, we hit the location for lunch then a vodka or 10. Discover in bed by 12H00, please come back to the place. Breakfast is served. This is not tennis. We have been here to climb Elbrus remember. You get your own personal breakfast. After loading some?4 vehicles, we consider the 3 hour drive-thru to base camp that is nestled with the base of Elbrus. Why did you think it had been called bases camp? For the reason that camp hosts many golf clubs designed to use excess base within their music? or perhaps is it because the camp is home the Revlon’s make up production? Nope. Sorry to disappoint you about this one. Base camp in this situation is the term for our base for that Elbrus climb. The drive into base camp is both spectacular and nerve racking. The roads have already been carved into the mountains leaving vertical drops as high as 200m. The tracks only allow for one vehicle at a time. It is safe to say, that no-one disturbs the motive force at this point of the game. The united states side out this is so remote. The one reason there would be anyone on the roads ended up being to climb Elbrus. Being at the beginning of the time of year, we encountered no-one. After we found its way to camp, we set up the tents, of loaded our gear and made to the mess tent for first taste of mountain food-cabbage soup. Base camp of Elbrus is located at 2400m.

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